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Title: Is He Poisonous?Author
Title: Is He Poisonous?
Author: MeteorLeopard (HoneyBadger)
This is my entry for the HitsukarinFC competition on DeviantArt! The prompt was "snake" for the Chinese New Year. Enjoy!
"Is he poisonous?"
That was the question which had elicited his outrage. Was he poisonous? How on earth had she even thought of that?! So he'd spluttered a bit, gone red in the face and drawn several rattling breaths, trying in vain to stop himself from snapping at her. Of course, it didn't help when she started scrutinising it with a kind of clinical interest. Toushirou fought the urge to snatch it away.
"No, he is not bloody poisonous!" He was raging and waving his sword - the object of her scrutiny - in the air like a lunatic and if the way that she was wiping her cheek, he'd probably been literally spitting mad.
"Geez, no need to bite my head off. I was just asking. I mean, it is a snake. Makes sense that it'd be poisonous."
And then she had the gall be to flippant about it!
"There is nothing even re
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This is probably my best AMV to date!

No joke people, it took me several months to finish it! (I had to do it in sections because otherwise I would have grown sick of the song.) :D :D :D


Seriously, PLEASE go watch it!



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HoneyBadger and SugarFox
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South Africa
We (the two of us) share the MeteorLeopard YouTube, FanFiction and DeviantArt account. Our code-names, so that you can tell us apart and know which one of us did which piece of art, are HoneyBadger and SugarFox.

HoneyBadger is an aspiring author and wants to publish her own novels one day. She enjoys making AMVs, writing fanfiction stories and doodling from time to time.

SugarFox got dragged into Anime and Manga by HoneyBadger and is loving it! She wants to become a teacher one day and loves writing. Perhaps one day she'll have an English Class to teach and terrorize her little students with her sharp sense of wit and humour!

We both think that Anime and Manga is awesome and that people who call us nerds for watching it while enjoying regular animation haven't given this style a good go yet.

Fantasy is our favourite genre and we firmly believe that imagination is one of the most important things in the world. You can be a math and science boffin but without a little imagination, nobody would have even dared to think about why apples fell off trees.

Also, we love making puns. Just felt the need to share that.

We have a FF account too. Please give our stories a try!…

One last thing: We don't do chain messages. We're very sorry, but we're always very busy with work and studying, so when we are online chain-messages are the last things on our minds. If you send us one and don't receive it back, it's not because we don't love you. ^_^


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